Packard Hood Ornaments

1929 PackardThe Packard began it's life in 1903 when Ward Packard formed the Packard Motor Car Company. By 1909 they were one of the premier luxury automobile manufactures in America. The depression forced Packard to respond by moving away from behemoth high end cars to more affordable ones for middle America.
In 1956 Packard merged with Studebaker, but the company only survived two more years.

1956 PackardsThere were many legendary models of Packards. Some of the more memorable were - Balboa, Cavalier, Hawk, Mayfair, Panther, Constellation, Patrician, Clipper and Caribbean. Large and very ornate hood ornaments were a distinct feature of many Packard models, especially during the 1920's and 30's.

1941-42 Packard Senior hood ornament
1941-42 Packard Senior hood ornament
Time Left: 5h 18m
Vintage Packard Hood Ornament.
Vintage Packard Hood Ornament.
Time Left: 13h 37m
Packard Hood Ornament  1955   PT 475209
Packard Hood Ornament 1955 PT 475209
Time Left: 1d 9h 51m

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